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Family Owned and Operated Since 1987

About Us

While other escrow offices have come and gone with the good and bad markets, we have stayed to weather the economic storms.
Our escrow officers and supporting staff are seasoned professionals who understand the needs of buyers, sellers and agents. You can always count on our rates to be competitive with the market and our service to be top rate.



Fraudsters are clever and constantly devise new fraud scams. A common pattern involves a request to cash or deposit a check or other item and then immediately give a portion of that money to the fraudster. Eventually, the check or other item is discovered as fraudulent and your bank will hold you responsible to pay back the money you gave to the fraudster, along with any additional fees incurred during the transaction. In some scams, fraudsters may also encourage you to share personal or financial information that can be used to defraud you.

If you received a check from Foresite Escrow and suspect it's a scam, please contact us first before depositing the check 760-773-5333.